Community Involvement

The REALTORS® at AARE are well-known for their spirit of giving and sharing, and for their support for Eye of a Needle Foundation, the foundation that supports a number of charities in San Diego and around the world.

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When to Fire a Client – (or an agent)

When the values, ethics, and morality of either an agent or a client obviously run counter to what our company stands for, we make the decision to let them go.

Letting go is always a painful decision, especially because we

Evaluating Agent Performance

Our clients and our other agents play a significant role in evaluating agent performance, because we evaluate based on customer satisfaction and how they treat others in the company and the community.

An ideal agent is one who is willing

The Gold in Your Database

The Gold in Your Database – Past Clients and Sphere of Influence

One mark of a truly successful real estate agent is the high percentage of his or her business that comes from referrals. It means your past clients are

Get More Reviews and Testimonials

You know you need them. Just as you read online reviews before deciding on the purchase of everything from a book to a washing machine, savvy San Diego real estate buyers and sellers read testimonials and reviews before choosing a

Converting Leads to Listings

You have a lead and you have an appointment. Now how do you turn it into a listing?

First and foremost, go to the appointment well prepared. Learn all you can about the house, the neighborhood, and the surrounding values.

Interview with Top Producers Gary Giffin + Nicole Mazzola

What Does it Take to Become a Top Producing Real Estate Agent?

It’s a known fact that some real estate agents barely get by while others thrive. What does it take to be among those who thrive?

In search of

Converting Online Buyer Leads

The first rule in converting online buyer leads is: “Don’t wait.” Don’t put off calling until you’ve finished the market analysis you’re working on, or until after lunch. Studies show that your best success will come when you can reach

Modern Masterpiece On The Oceanfront

Spectacular Contemporary Oceanfront Home situated on one of the most westerly lots on Neptune – a prime location that allows for unobstructed panoramic views.

This is a home for those who love light. Expansive open spaces, vaulted ceilings, and wall-to-wall

How to Sell an Oceanfront Home: 20 Steps

Selling an oceanfront home requires that you capture the interest of a segment of the population that can afford to purchase the absolute best and are willing to pay for it. Ultra high net worth individuals want to work with …