Converting Leads to Listings

You have a lead and you have an appointment. Now how do you turn it into a listing?

First and foremost, go to the appointment well prepared. Learn all you can about the house, the neighborhood, and the surrounding values. Check to see if it’s been listed before, and at what price. If the home next door sold recently, know the selling price and whether there were seller concessions.

Be prepared to answer questions about your own service and about AARE, including Eye of a Needle. Take along information about the AARE marketing plan and be ready to talk about how you customize the plan to each individual home. 

Next, prepare your mindset.

Walk in with confidence, knowing that should you decide to take this listing, you and AARE are the best solution for these homeowners.

Yes, I said “Should you decide.” Remember that they’re not just interviewing you – you’re interviewing them. You want to see if this is a house you’d like to list and if they are people you want to work with.

Without being arrogant, do assume that it will be your choice, because by the time you’re ready to leave, they’ll be ready to list – with you.

Never walk into a listing appointment with the attitude of “I need this listing.” Neediness projects itself in many ways, including your body language and the timbre of your voice – and will almost surely result in failure.

Before you talk – listen.

Ask good questions, and actively listen to the answers. 

Learning why these homeowners are talking to you will go a long way in helping you decide whether they will be motivated to put their home in showing condition, cooperate with showing requests, list at a reasonable price, and negotiate to work toward solutions should an offer come in at less than list price.

Letting them talk and responding with comments and questions that show you’re listening will also go a long way in building trust and convincing them that you’re the agent they want and need.

As you go through the house, comment on the positives. If you’re enthusiastic about it, let that show. The first appointment is not the time to begin telling the homeowners about improvements they need to make.

When it’s time sell your services, sell the company as well. Emphasize the teamwork and the mindset of agents at AARE. Talk about the number of homes sold and the fact that AARE is one of the top 13 agencies in San Diego in sales.

Tell them that since each home is unique, you’ll prepare a customized marketing plan designed to put their home in front of its most likely buyer. Be sure to go over the “Guarantee of Happiness” page. This gives the sellers confidence and the assurance that they won’t be stuck should you fail to keep your promises.

Before you leave, get the next appointment.

If they’ve signed the listing you need to come back with your marketing plan. If they haven’t signed yet, ask to come back with a market analysis.

What if you don’t want the listing?

Be gracious. If they want an unrealistic price, tell them that you’d be doing them a disservice to list at that price.

If there’s another reason, you’ll know it before you begin selling your services. At that point simply tell them that you don’t think you’re the right agent for them. Then wish them well.