Four Good Reasons NOT to Visit with Buyers!

You’re a friendly person – but when you’re selling your house it’s time to be a bit stand-offish.

If at all possible, you shouldn’t even meet the people who come to view your house –  even after they’ve submitted an offer. The same goes for the buyer’s agent, unless they come along with me to present an offer.

Why? Here are 4 Good Reasons:

  • Your answer to an innocent question can give them a negotiating edge.
  • You could “talk them out of the purchase.”
  • When taken by surprise, you could verbally agree to something that’s not in your best interests.
  • A personality conflict could kill your sale.

As your agent, one of my jobs is to protect your interests – and one of the ways I do that is by acting as an intermediary between you and your prospective buyers and their agent.

If you ‘d like to discuss this issue, give me a call. I’ll tell you stories about what can happen when buyers and sellers get together for a friendly visit.

Together, let’s take all the right steps to get your home sold and closed.


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