Selling Your Home: A Cautionary Note

Today’s message may not apply to you – but then again it might.

Often we have objects attached to our homes that have sentimental value – and we have no intention of leaving them behind.

This might include a chandelier that belonged to Grandma – or was a gift from a special person. It might be a handcrafted medicine cabinet that your Dad built, or a porch swing that your kids helped you construct one summer.

When you list the house you’ll specifically exclude those items from the sale. But sometimes that isn’t good enough.

Sometimes buyer agents don’t tell their clients everything they read in the MLS listing, and sometimes people just don’t listen. The result can be that a buyer “falls in love” with an object that you don’t want to leave with the house. They want it, you won’t part with it, and the battle is joined.

I actually saw a sale fall apart once over a wooden gate. It seems silly, but human emotion isn’t always logical.

So if you have anything in your house or yard that a buyer would reasonably expect to stay with the house – but you can’t or won’t leave behind – take it out now. If it’s vital to the operation of the household – such as the chandelier – replace it. Carefully pack your treasure and put it in storage with the other items waiting to go to your next home.

If you’re unsure whether something might be expected to stay, get in touch. I’ll be happy to share the list of what usually is considered a part of the house.


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