When to Fire a Client – (or an agent)

When the values, ethics, and morality of either an agent or a client obviously run counter to what our company stands for, we make the decision to let them go.

Letting go is always a painful decision, especially because we know and like the person on some level. On top of the personal consideration, it’s also painful to fire an agent who produces income for the company or to let go of a client whose transaction could be worth many thousands of dollars.

It’s painful, but it’s not a difficult choice, because it has to be done. To avoid action is to allow the growth of what would soon become a cancer in the nucleus of the company. One “rotten apple” can have devastating effects on the existing culture and on the long term health of the company.

We’ve built our reputation on honesty, trust, and caring. Our agents and staff count on us for it, as do our clients. To allow any of them to break that trust by presenting falsehoods or cheating in any way would destroy that reputation. And our reputation is worth more to us in the long term than any client’s listing or the production of any individual agent.